Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Espresso Coconut Oats

I love coffee. Michelle Koen introduced me to her cappuccino oats recipe in her amazing cookbook - you can buy it here.

It's awesome, she taught me pretty much everything I know, from Adelaide... yep that lady has skills!

I really felt like her oats last week but I have an insatiable coconut thing going on at the moment and have no WPI in the house, so what's a girl to do!?

Improvise! For any of you that like to train you will be familiar with eggy oats, also with the fact the oats can get weird solid egg bits and just be ruined so you have to choke down the bowl and feel like you ingested the appropriate protein/carb breakfast fuel. Gross.

No-one wants to eat a weird combination of poached egg flavours with watery oats.

Some tips for this recipe though, buy the frozen egg whites, they taste less eggy and don't solidify so quickly and won't make you sick if they don't get cooked through.

This makes a giant looking bowl of oats with surprisingly little ingredients. I love a big breakfast, enjoy the illusion of a whopping amount of food this gives you!

Ingredients - Serves 1 -

(double/triple oats & coconut and add WPI scoop if you need more calories)
  • Water
  • 30gm Oats
  • 2 teaspoons dessicated coconut
  • 1 long black (200ml?)
  • 1/2 cup pasteurised eggs whites (preferably)
  1. Get that water boiling - I like really inflated oats, I probably had at least 2 cups of water boiling
  2. Add oats and coconut to water
  3. Let it boil away till it is a thick, almost ready to serve consistency
  4. Add the long black to the pot and let boil down again - the oats by now will have doubled in size
  5. Once it is almost ready add egg whites and stir until combined and the whole mixture looks cooked and delicious.
  6. You can add more or less water to your liking!


  1. If you like inflated oats...have you tried steel cut oats? They are awesome. They are more dense than standard rolled or quick oats so you use less, but they soak up much more liquid so fill you up more. They also have a bit of a chewy consistency which I like better :)
    I cook them the night before (just the SC oats with water though) and let them sit covered overnight. They soak up the excess liquid. Then reheat them in the morning, and then add the eggwhites in and cook through. THE BEST!!


    1. Vix - these sounds awesome!

      Unstabilised organic oats seem to have the same effect too. I was being a cheapskate during comp prep so have leftover homebrand or something at the moment haha!

      I will lash out and give them a go! YUM!

  2. Lol yeah can understand that - I have often bought the generic branded ones during comp prep cos food / supplements / coaching etc gets sooo expensive. If you see the SC Oats and they are exxy let me know as some health food shops charge ridiculous amounts for them, when others charge around $3 - I can pick some up for you!