Friday, 16 November 2012

Honey, Ginger & Apple Shredded Pork with Carrot & Sweet Potato

I didn't invent the pork recipe at all. I just replicated it from Juli nailed it - the recipe needs no tweaks just enjoy it as it is people.

As I said yesterday I have too many carrots. I made Carrot Cake - that was delicious but I wanted to do something savoury too and I'd made the pork in advance so really this recipe is just a side dish. I also had sweet potato - two orange vegetables full of vitamins and greatness.

People may tell you carrots have too much sugar in them. These people are either bodybuilders - who granted, yes may need to know this or pseudo dieters who have tried jenny craig / weight watchers/ lemon detox and right now are drinking a diet coke after their morning muffin criticising people who eat peas and carrots. Carrots don't have too much sugar, I can tell you this with confidence. If you are avoiding vegetables because of the sugar content I hope you are almost ready to jump on stage for the Arnold's or something because there is just no need. Anyway - end rant.

I lied when I even said this is a recipe - it's more a tricky way of preparing veges.

Ingredients: Served James and I for one meal:

  • 1 sml/med Sweet Potato - thinly julienne sliced on a mandolin
  • 3 average sized Carrots -  thinly julienne sliced on a mandolin
  1. Pat the spaghetti veges between paper towel
  2. Pre Heat a large fry pan and drizzle a little olive oil
  3. Add all the spaghetti-ed vege to the pan and cook for 10-15 mins until cook through but so they still hold their shape 
  4. Serve with your desired meat!

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