Thursday, 9 May 2013

Kale, Pine Mushrooms & Green Beans with Pesto

I love the farmers market. I love strange food, local farmers and fresh produce. Last week I went on Saturday morning and got a heap of veges to take home.

I love kale, I'm not sure it is a superfood, or in fact that superfoods even exist, however it is delicious. I also stumbled upon these random mushrooms for $4 a bag and was sold. I later did some googling and realised they were called Safron Milk Cap Mushrooms, not pine mushrooms; genus issues aside they were really great to cook with, they have meaty taste and a different texture to plain button mushrooms.

Saturday is treat night so aside from ice-cream I was planning on cooking my dinner. The organic vege guy had a heap of fresh herbs & I love home-made pesto so I bought a bunch of basil too.

So the easy thing - pesto is dead easy I don't measure what I use I just go by taste. this whole going by taste things is frustrating when you are learning to cook - I used to be like what?? taste it?? how do I know!! One tablespoon or two!?

Ingredients - serves 2
  • 1 bunch Kale (Main stem removed)
  • Handful Green Bean (top and tailed)
  • About 3 large Mushrooms in chunks
  • 1 bunch Basil
  • 30gms parmesan cheese
  • Slosh olive oil
  • Lime Juice (was out of lemons)
  • Packet of pine nuts  I think they are 80gm bags?
  1. Whip out food processor or rocket blender - stick mixer - whatever you have!
  2. Rip off all the basil leaves and put them in there, save a few for presentation if you like
  3. I grated fresh parmesan in there - I'm assuming 30gms  - add more or less to your liking
  4. Splash a bit of olive oil - maybe 1-2 tablespoons, and maybe a tablespoon of lemon or lime jice - whichever is handy! Also add the pine nuts!
  5. Blitz it!
  6. Have a wok handy and set on high, add a little oil to pan, add mushrooms first shortly followed by beans, and after they have cooked through add the kale
  7. Add about 1/2 cup water to your well blitzed pesto and add to coat the veges
  8. (the water just allows it to spread through)
  9. Enjoy - I had mine with beef!

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