Monday, 11 February 2013

Choc Coconut Brownies

So I had an awesome weekend... I revisited an old brownie recipe and changed it to make it infinitely better. This is what I would call a Paleo recipe; it does have 40 gm of organic 85% cocoa chocolate in it though, if this offends you - please look away and complain elsewhere.

In the past 2 weeks I've had a few of people ask about what I eat and how I eat and can I write diets.

What I eat:
It took me a long time to work out what worked for me. What works for me may not work for you. Get educated - read - listen to people who know more than you (I am constantly learning from blogs, friends and trainers about food and nutrition!). I still indulge in treats and drink wine on occasion, to me life is for living so don't think you have to stop everything you love to be 'healthy'.

A great start for newbies is this book! Healthy Helpings TAUGHT me how to cook - I was shocking before this, well worth it! + Michelle is the bomb at everything food & training.

How I eat:
I eat regularly and reasonable sized portions. I honestly love food, I would rather wake up 30 mins earlier than I have to, to prepare a nice breakfast than have a protein shake and banana on the go. Some days I only eat 3 large meals if I'm busy, at work though I normally eat 6 meals throughout the days. Life happens you aren't going to be able to do the same thing every day ad infinitum.

Can I write diets:
No, I am not qualified, however I can give you a suggestion of things I would eat that might work for you but to be honest writing a completely personalised diet takes time so what I'd give you would be just general stuff.

Honestly if you want someone to tell you about food Rob Berridge at Revolutions in St Mary's is your guy!

He has written an off season diet for me before and it rocked! Also keep in mind most of the year I am paying someone to write my diet and I also pay someone to train me - your health is worth the investment. I spend over $4200 a year on JUST trainers and the occasional massage. I don't have sick 'threads' or an awesome wardrobe or designer everything and I rarely eat out; that isn't even including gym fees or comp fees... so you know - work out what is important to you and what you can afford. (& don't expect everything for free!).

If you are on the broke side and a one-on-one session is too exy please check out my conditioning coaches' boot camp classes (if you are in the lower mountains / Penrith area!) $10 a class and he runs them every weeknight! His business is called Mountain Fitness & Massage and you can find him on fb - the classes cater to all levels!

Lastly, if you think I am too muscly or you think my shoulders are already to large or you don't like eating and think skipping meals is good because you aren't eating calories that's cool! But please don't ask for a 'diet' and don't tell me you want to just 'tone'. Toning doesn't exist.

Anyway back to the brownies - they are delicious treats!

Ingredients: Makes 12 squares (6 serves)
  • 250 gm Sweet Potato
  • 40 gm organic 85% cocoa chocolate
  • 4 tsp coffee dissolved in 1/4 cup water
  • 1/3 cup coconut four
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • Flesh of one young coconut (Drink the water and revel in how awesome it tastes) How to open it here.
  • 1 tsp organic GF baking powder
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 tsp organic natural vanilla essence

  1. Roast the sweet potato. Do this a day in advance. Prick the skin with a fork a few times and pop it in the oven for about an hour - peel it and mush it up, leave it in the fridge for the next day - I don't know why but is makes better  baked goods once it's been cooled properly, I think the wetness goes away a bit.
  2. In the long container that comes with the stick mixer add the sweet potato, flesh of the young coconut & baking powder - whizz it about til combined
  3. Add the 4 eggs and whizz again to mix it up
  4. Meanwhile heat a little fry pan with the coconut oil - once it hot add the chocolate and melt it and add the dissolved coffee & vanilla. 
  5. While its all melted pour into the brownie batter and whizz once more.
  6. Pour batter into a lined baking dish - I think mine is 8 inch x 8 inch? But I don't really know!
  7. Cook at about 180 degrees Celsius for about 1 hour or until springy. 
  8. Let cool and cut it up into little squares and store in the fridge!
  9. ENJOY!

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