Monday, 4 February 2013

Steak & Veges (Eating & Travelling)

This meal isn't going to rock your world but to be honest the biggest excuse I hear for people being overweight or unhealthy is time/travel for work and price of healthy foods.

I'll talk about price next post but for now here are simple ideas when travelling.

If your hotel has a hotplate - I was lucky mine did, you can cook whatever you want, no you won't have oil / seasoning or spices but it's a couple of days max, just go with it.

In a rectangular fry pan I just put it on 6 (med/high heat) put a little water in the bottom, threw in all my veges (broccolini, beans & asparagus) in a couple of minutes it pretty much steams them. I cooked the steak on a dry pan, it you have a non-stick pan you can go without oil!

I've also cooked frittata's with eggs in the fry pan and just let them set - I've told James to boil eggs in kettles too if that is all you have.

Long story short - it is easy to get creative.

In Vegas for work the food was terrible. Waffles & Cream for breakfast and crappy cuts of meat unless you wanted to pay $30-$50 for a steak. I subsided for 6 days on eggs for breakfast, dry roasted almonds from Starbucks for snacks and salads for lunch... GIANT Salads, as in I was the only person from my company to eat seconds for lunch... with a decent serve of protein with dinner.

If your new years resolution was to get healthy then stop making excuses. I have the exact same amount of hours in my day as you!

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