Thursday, 30 May 2013

Poached Chicken

You may or may not know James and I are on a budget - saving for a house. Houses are expensive and I went $6 over the agreed budget last week and James was quick to let me know about it; as such I am going to share with you poached Chicken.

Now until 5 seconds ago I did not actually know the difference between poaching / simmering / boiling. Apparently it has to do with the temperature. As I did not know the temperature, this may in fact be just boiled chicken but I'm not a chef so I'm not really stressed.

I cook about 3kg of chicken in one go and then shred it and divide it into bags. You can do so much with it - sandwiches, add it to soups or stir-fry or whatever you would like really. This is so easy you don't really have any excuses. Chicken is about $10-$12 a kilo and the little bags are maybe $2 a box. Each sandwich I make James uses about 50gm-60gm of chicken so I make the bags in 250gm lots so I can prepare for 2 days and have it ready in the fridge. I cook about 4 chicken breasts in a pot and it takes roughly 25-30mins per lot so you can prepare a lot of meat in advance. The bigger your pot the faster your prep.

Simply pull out the frozen meat 2 nights in advance and it is ready to be used.

James and I spend about $200 a week on food - I have 6 meals a day and James 5-6, realistically that's $2.40 to $2.60 a meal. For healthy, tasty meals I think that is pretty good!

  • 1 pot of boiling water
  • As much chicken as you would like (I do 3kg batches) trimmed of all fat (leave as whole breasts / thighs)
  1. Once the water in boiling, simmering whatever - it will be hot and bubbly simply place your meat in the water
  2. For four single breasts I would allow 25-30 mins
  3. You can check the meat - simply pull it out with tongs and cut through the thickest part - if it still has pink in the middle put it back in the pot for a while - check as often as you need to be sure, I generally only need to check once but you will get a feel for it over time. 
  4. Once you know the chicken is cooked let it cool and shred it.
  5. Leave overnight in the fridge, and then divide up the next day!

Shredded Chicken & Chicken Straight out of the Pan

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